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Different Ways to Support Local South Africans

We all are here to make self-sustainability more than just a dream.

The morale of our country is at a all time low. We all are feeling it. Let's engage in more conversations where we can talk about what we can do to give hope and a future to our country.

Make use of local businesses and stores

This is for the entrepreneurs who never give up

Small businesses are everywhere. Whether it is handmade soap, jewelry, leather products or cleaning products we all know someone selling or making something for extra income. And if you don't there are markets monthly even weekly where you can buy from our locals like the Silverton Boeremark. These entrepreneurs never stop trying. I think it sometimes get hard. We can make their day by doing our grocery shopping or present shopping through them. Our purchase will really matter, we won't be making the wallet of an already rich CEO of a big enterprise thicker. We will be making a difference.

Donate and tip more often

The greatest gift is to give.

A giving heart is a happy heart. Do you know just R50 can help a charity organization change a life. We forget the value of our money with the prices of everything just increasing we must remember that we can buy more than just products. We can give self-sustainability and hope for the people in our country. Give and you shall receive. Whether you receive peace, blessings or just a moment of happiness it will make a difference.

Take part in the community

To be part of a community is to accept a family, and family, more often than not, sticks together and helps each other. Taking part in various public functions, community initiatives, or just helping the odd old lady across the road, find homes for stray animals, all contribute to bettering South Africa, no matter how small a thing it may be. Giving to the community around you is one of the best ways to improve your immediate environment, even if it is just cleaning up a dirty bus bench. You can’t expect too much from this, but you’d be surprised how meaningful it is. You can sign up for one of our events to become part of this community who cares.

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