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ATTSA Talks With Ge-Help / Gehelp On Lekker FM

On the 10th of August, 2022, Dinah Bronkhorst of the Afrikaanse Toekoms Trust (ATTSA) did an interview with Liezel Carelse, the founder of Ge-Help / Gehelp, on Lekker FM. They did so on Bronkhorst’s program, Hulp Met Hart, which is dedicated to inspire hope to its listeners

Bronkhorst asked Liezel who exactly Liezel is. Liezel acknowledged that the only true way to answer that question on Lekker FM, was to state that she was, indeed, a “Lekker Mens”. Joking aside, Miss Carelse described herself as a grateful individual, grateful for the people God had sent her way, such as the ATTSA and those close to her.

Through Dinah’s questions, Liezel went into detail as to how Ge-Help / Gehelp had started in November of 2021. It was the product of Liezel’s profound passion to help those incapable of being financially stable. The plan is to do this through providing these entities and individuals with a platform where they can sell their various products in order to raise funds for themselves. Miss Carelse explained that through her efforts to achieve this, she managed to come into contact with ATTSA, who helped lead her and highlighted a fundamental need of this nation’s charity organisations. This need in question being to sell their various products. Liezel explained that numerous charity organisations give lodging to many people, and these people need to be kept busy. The problem with that, is keeping a group of people busy for any length of time costs money, and the products made in the process typically have no avenue to be sold. Liezel decided to change that.

Bronkhorst, in turn, highlighted the troubling financial times everyone lives in, which affected charity organisations heavily. She explained that the Ge-Help / Gehelp platform allows the chance for many organisations to become economically independent. However, Bronkhorst highlighted the majority of these organisations lack the funding to develop their own platform, professionally advertise, catalogue and photograph their products, and ship it out to whoever buys. Dina highlighted that this need is something that Ge-Help / Gehelp is trying to fill.

From there, the discussion shifted to the website platform of Ge-Help. Through this, Liezel highlighted her desire to start cultivating a community where its members see themselves as important, as capable of making a difference. With this in mind, one of the first things visitors of the Ge-Help / Gehelp website sees is opportunities to do volunteer work. With this, Miss Carelse highlighted that someone doesn’t need to support these organisations in a purely financial sense, but can also dedicate time to volunteer for various projects, as well. The full interview touches on an array of subjects, such as the products in question, various charity movements both organisations are taking part in, along many other topics of discussion.

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