To make everyone feel like contributors to a self-sustainable future for all. 

Our  vision

Self-sustainability for South African charitable organizations and entrepreneurs. Making a purchase more than just a transaction of goods received for money paid Ge-help makes it a building block to the dream of self-sustainability.

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We are looking at how we can make a positive difference. Sharing positive news and empowering each other. Please have a look. 


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Our Events
  • Pet volunteer opportunity
    Sat, 20 Aug
    20 Aug, 09:00 – 10:00
    Centurion, Piet Retief Rd, Pretoria Townlands 351-Jr, Centurion, South Africa
    60 Furry friends can not wait to walk and play with you!
  • Baby shower for unwanted babies
    26 Aug, 10:00 – 12:00
    Pretoria, 474 Hugo St, Waterkloof Glen, Pretoria, 0010, South Africa
    A great opportunity to give a head start to babies whose circumstances have let them down. This event is hosted by the Afrikaans Toekomstrust.

Give today to help end hunger. 

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